For hyperpigmentation like sun damage, age spots, and even rosacea, one of our favorite treatments is IPL Photo Rejuvenation. Dark spots and redness have historically been difficult to treat, and they contribute quite a bit to looking older. But with IPL, we can reverse that pigmentation and take years off your appearance. This technology offers incredible skin brightening results with minimal downtime and far surpasses any topical treatments.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL stands for “intense pulse light,” a type of laser energy. This treatment specifically targets the pigment in the skin using specific wavelengths. At Synergy, we use the M22 system by Lumenis – a workhorse of a platform that’s able to tackle nearly all types of pigmentation with its adjustable wavelength settings. Using short bursts of energy, the laser device locks in on those damaged skin cells and essentially breaks up the pigment. In addition to the immediate effect of reducing pigmentation, IPL treatments also stimulate collagen which improves overall skin tone and elasticity.

One of the major benefits of IPL treatment is that it’s not limited to the face. We can also use it on the arms, chest, back, and hands. Women especially find that the chest and hands show aging due to dark spots and freckling, and fortunately, IPL can take care of this as well.

Skin Brightening With Minimal Downtime

Unlike other, more aggressive treatments IPL won’t leave you down for the count. Some redness/flushing after treatment is normal, which dissipates in a few days. Over the course of several days to a week, you’ll notice the dark areas on your face begin to darken like they are scabbing. Finally, these areas shed off the skin, revealing new brighter skin underneath.

Want to learn more about IPL treatment and if it could be right for you? Please schedule a consultation with us to discuss. We will talk about your skin concerns and help you determine if IPL treatments will be the best course of action to meet your skin goals.

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