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Who We Are

At Synergy Health and Wellness, our goal is to provide our patients with the perfect combination of comprehensive care and advanced technology available in the Toledo area. By combining primary care and preventative medicine with cosmetic medicine and advanced procedures, we’ve created a single point for almost any patient need. Not only do we want to treat your symptoms, but we also want you to look and feel your very best, and have the clinical tools available to make that happen. Nothing matters more to the providers at Synergy than ensuring that every patient receives individualized care and exceptional service in every treatment we provide. We strive to provide the most advanced technologies, the safest environments, and the most compassionate clinical attention in the Toledo area.
We go by Synergy for a reason. All of our providers work in conjunction with one another to ensure that you receive the care plan that best fits your circumstances, whether you’re in need of a single service or multiple.

Our Providers

Dr. Bushra Ali, MD

Dr. Ali grew up always passionate about medicine and art. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree in 1993 from her home country of Iraq. Dr. Ali moved to USA in 2003. She took her board exams in a relatively short time. Dr. Ali joined Internal Medicine residency program in Detroit Michigan in 2006, and graduated from there in 2009.

Dr. Ali and her family then moved to Ohio, where she joined a Hospitalist program for 8 years before deciding to start her own practice in 2018. Dr. Ali has been in her current practice since February 2018. Currently, she’s in love with her career, and is totally focused on patient’s care as well as fulfilling her hopes of creating a successful clinic focused on her patients.
Dr. Ali provides high-quality, comprehensive primary care and aesthetic services. Trained in a litany of aesthetic techniques, Dr. Ali can meet any client need using an artistic eye for aesthetics in conjunction with a trained hand. If you are looking for the best primary care/aesthetic doctor in the Toledo area consider contacting her today.
Jennifer Carillio-Biggins

Jennifer Carillio-Biggins

Jennifer Carillio-Biggins
Jennifer is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician in the states of Michigan and Ohio. Jennifer has been in the Skincare Industry for over 26 years, and is licensed and certified in Advanced Medical Aesthetic procedures in the state of Michigan since 2011.
Jennifer is trained and certified in the following: Microneedling with PRP(Vampire Facelifts), PRP Microneedling for hair restoration, Mesotherapy for Cellulite Control, Hydrafacials, Standard Facials with Red Light Therapy, Oxygen Facials, The Korean Sculplla Mask, Dermaplaning, AquaGold/Botox Facials, Brow/Lash tinting, Brow Lamination, Microneedling with Radiofrequency (Infini), Fibroblast Plasma Treatments, Opus Plasma Treatments, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Botox, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, Electroporation, and Microcurrent. She provides only the finest quality, very nutrient dense, Medical Grade/Sterile European Serums to all her clients.
“I take pride in my work and bring my expertise in the skincare rejuvenation industry to the Toledo area. I look forward to assisting you and providing you with advanced skincare treatments. My passion is to rejuvenate skin, restore health to the skin, and to help my clients learn to obtain and maintain a healthy glow for many, many years.”

Zain Hussein BS, ExSC

Zain Hussein graduated from the University of Toledo in 2016 with an education in Exercise Science and Chemistry. Harboring an interest with understanding the contributing factors that affect the human body for the purposes of athletics and performance from a young age, he began cultivating his knowledge of fitness and nutrition even prior to his formal education. Mr. Hussein found success in assisting all manner of athletes and hobbyists to lose, gain, or maintain weight while increasing fitness utilizing a myriad of training and nutritional protocols to help them achieve their desired goals.
One part of the medical weight loss program offered at Synergy Health and Wellness, Mr. Hussein utilizes a lifestyle coaching approach to help clients achieve their ideal health goals regardless of their starting fitness and motivation levels. After the first session, clients walk away with detailed actionable steps personalized to the client’s current health, work schedule, level of motivation, and resources available to them so that there is no more guesswork involved in their journey towards wellness.
“One of my main goals is to ensure there are as few barriers to entry for the client as possible, wellness should not be the convoluted, contradictory headache it is today.”

Sara Kareem, Medical Aesthetician


My main focus in each service is to take my time and work on your areas of concern thoroughly, help you relax, and see results in a warm and relaxing environment.

Each skincare service we offer is gentle and effective and works for all skin types including; sensitive, acne-prone, and textured skin of all ages.

Services provided:
microdermabrasion, luxury, and basic facials as well as hydrafacials, extractions, microblading, facials, dermaplaning, consultations, and more.

Do you have a question? Text us at 419.725.2527 for a direct response! We’re here to help!