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Administered to areas in the face where muscles are too tense, relaxing and smoothing the surface.


Administered to areas that need more volume; cheeks, lips, forehead etc.

PDO thread lift (mini facelift, eyebrows)

PDO thread lifts offer a “mini face lift” to areas that are sagging or uneven.


Deoxycholic acid administration to fat collections in small areas such as under the chin or jaw. Treats unwanted fat on the face, chin, or jaw, giving a more defined jawline and removing jowls.
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Fat Transfer with BeautiFill

Safe and minimally invasive fat transfer, face reconstruction and BBL are all attainable with our laser assisted BeautiFill treatments. New state of the art technology not only allows for the removal of stubborn fat through a minimally invasive out patient procedure but also the transfer of that same fat to areas of the body that are in need (face, hands, glutes etc.)

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IPL Laser Photo Rejuvenation

IPL stands for intense pulse light laser, which is the standard procedure for the following skin conditions: skin pigmentation, sun damage/sun spots, blemishes, active acne and acne scars, freckles, skin discoloration and redness, rosacea. The areas that can be treated are: face, arms, chest, back and hands. The typical number of sessions required to achieve the best results are 2-4. Clients that undergo the IPL skin treatment save hundreds of dollars on expensive skin products that only offer the promise of a better outcome.
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Laser Hair Removal

State of the art laser hair removal machines operated by our proficient Synergy aestheticians ensure you leave our facility with softer, smoother skin that lasts forever. Say goodbye to razors and frequent daily or weekly shaving sessions, and live life with one less thing to worry about. The number of sessions required depend on the area and density of hair, call our office to get an estimate!
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OPUS Skin Resurfacing

A fractional skin peel with no downtime. This revolutionary treatment can help with fine wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage while tightening and lifting for more youthful skin.

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The large buildup of oils, dead skin, and environmental debris in your pores can be the source of troublesome or hard to manage skin, and washing your face in this case just doesn’t cut it. Our Venus HydraFacial will penetrate deep into your pores giving you a much needed spring cleaning, ridding your pores of anything that shouldn’t be there.
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Dozens of needles are injected into the skin to resurface the area with newer collagen to help tighten and renew skin. Treats fine wrinkles or loose skin.
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Hair Restoration & Rejuvenation Therapies

Our technology allows us to use your own body’s natural healing powers with minimally invasive injections into the scalp for hair restoration, face for rejuvenating effects, or other body parts such as joints or muscles for faster healing and tensility.

Blood Generated Growth Factors

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