Microneedling is one of the oldest cosmetic treatments in modern esthetics – in fact, it has been used even longer than Botox! The reason this popular treatment continues to stand the test of time is simple: it’s a safe and effective way to naturally rejuvenate your skin. Microneedling offers a wide variety of benefits against aging skin, restoring your youthful appearance. At Synergy, we use a revolutionary system that combines traditional microneedling and radiofrequency energy to acheive results never before possible. 

What Is RF Microneedling?

Using a device with tiny needles, we create tiny “micro-injuries” in the surface of the skin. Don’t worry – we apply a numbing cream in advance! These punctures immediately tell your body to produce repairing agents like collagen and elastin. In addition, the radiofrequency energy gently heats the skin, further promoting the generation of collagen and elastin. After healing, the skin appears more smooth and firm. You’ll notice an improvement in the overall texture of your skin, as well as a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It’s effective against scarring and stretch marks as well.

Minimally Invasive And Safe

Our patients love the results from microneedling because you can achieve dramatic improvements in a 30-60 minute, non-surgical treatment. Post treatment, you may experience some redness and sensitivity which will dissipate in a few days. Full healing is expected in around 2 weeks. Typically you will see results after one treatment, but we usually recommend a series of treatments performed 4-6 weeks apart. After that, you can maintain your results with treatments as needed. 

Microneedling is generally safe and well-tolerated for most people. Our team will discuss your medical history in detail to determine if this procedure is right for you.

Maximize Your Results

RF Microneedling treatments are incredibly effective on their own, however we can enhance your results by applying a serum containing blood derived growth factors. This process involves drawing a small amount of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge. The resulting concentrated serum is applied to the face and is readily absorbed through the tiny “micro-injuries.” Adding this step to your microneedling sessions speeds the healing process and results in more collagen and elastin production.

Find Out If Microneedling Is Right For You

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