Lip filler injections have become so popular that we have seen a drastic increase over the past 5 years in lip augmentations for people 18-55+. This is largely due to the advancement in technology that allows us to acheive natural looking results without compromising expression. Juvederm, a top name in dermal fillers, offers a product specifically formulated for lips – and our patients are loving the results.

Q: Why Do People Choose Lip Filler?

Over time, the natural aging process causes our lips tend to lose color, volume, and elasticity. As a result, they may appear thinner, with cracked skin, and lose contrast with facial skin. Fortunately, Juvederm has developed dermal fillers made especially for lips. This unique, hyaluronic acid formula restores the youthful, plump look women desire. 

Q: What Makes Juvederm Lip Filler Products Unique?

People trust Juvederm, and for good reason. They are a leader in dermal fillers that are safe and effective since hitting the market in 2006. For lip augmentation, we utilize two products designed specifically for natural movement. 

  • Volbella XC – Made with patented Vycross technology to create natural looking volume and reduce perioral lines around the mouth.
  • Ultra XC – Get maximum volume and definition with this strong gel, featuring a 0.3% lidocaine solution for virtually painless treatment.
Depending on your needs, we will perform a number of injections to achieve your dream lips! Sessions are around 15 minutes to an hour, and results will be noticeable right away. However, they will peak within about a week. Some bruising or swelling may occur during that time but will subside on its own. Results from Juvederm are incredibly long lasting, up to a year in some patients. 

Q: How Do I Know Which Product Is Right For Me?

When considering lip filler injections, a licensed provider can help you decide which formula will be the best choice for the look you desire. At Synergy, we offer only the top of the line aesthetic procedures, backed by evidence based results. Juvederm lip filler products are some of the best available, and our patients agree! Get in touch with us today to inquire about treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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