Did you know that our collagen production starts to slow down by the time we’re in our twenties? By the time we hit mid thirties, some fine lines and wrinkles can start to appear, and at 40 they become deeper and more obvious. One of the most common complaints we hear from patients is that they hate the frown lines between their eyebrows. These are also called glabellar lines, or the “elevens.” The good news is that we can quickly smooth these away with Botox. In just a short visit, you’ll have near instant results – the closest thing the immediate gratification when it comes to skincare.

What Causes Frown Lines?

As the name suggests, one of the primary contributors to the appearance of these pesky lines is of course, frowning. However, we also see them a lot in people who tend to squint (another reason to wear sunglasses!) And, in general, anyone who has a highly animated face will develop these at some point. Over time our facial expressions get worn into the skin like trails in the woods. It’s a natural part of the aging process, but fortunately we have treatment options for anyone who wants to minimize these lines.

Botox Is The Gold Standard

When it comes to frown lines, Botox is the most common treatment. There are a few reasons, so let’s discuss them. Firstly, it’s quick and relatively painless. Just a quick injection and in roughly 2 weeks you’ll see a reduction or complete erasure of these lines. Clients love the fast results, which, let’s face it – are pretty rare in the anti-aging world. Secondly, it’s affordable. Unlike other treatments that might require several sessions over the course of weeks and months, Botox is a one-visit treatment that gives you great results without a high price tag. And finally, the results last for several months! You’ll only have to come into the office a few times a year to maintain your appearance.

To learn more about Botox and if it might be a good treatment option for you, schedule a consultation with us.


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