If you’re new to the area or looking to establish a new primary care doctor, look no further than Synergy! Many people are unaware that, in addition to offering high-quality aesthetic treatments, we can also act as your primary care health provider. Our office hosts a well-rounded team of professionals covering both mental and physical health, which makes Synergy the perfect one-stop for your health concerns. Read on to learn more about our wide range of services.

Our Healthcare Services

At Synergy, we aim to provide services that address our patients’ physical and mental health. In many ways, aesthetic treatments play a direct role in overall health – helping you feel more confident in your skin and more like yourself. But our services go beyond the aesthetics and focus on preventative health care, improving mental health, and treating common chronic conditions.

Our patients love the wide range of mental and physical health care services that are easily accessible at Synergy. For needs beyond our practice, we can refer you to our network of partner physicians.

A Primary Care Doctor You Can Trust

Our team is devoted to providing personalized medical care for all of our patients. In our calm, non-hospitalized environment, you’ll find a provider who truly cares about your well-being. Whether you just need someone to check in with once a year or you need some help managing your ADHD or anxiety, we can help. What are you waiting for? To get started with our practice, schedule a consultation today. We look forward to serving you!

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