Are you tired of trying skincare products, wasting time and money, only to find that they just don’t work? How can you even find the right product in the sea of options in drug and beauty stores? The truth is, most of the products sold over the counter just aren’t potent enough to actually make a difference. Plus, it can be hard to find a regimen that works for your unique skin when the amount of choices is so overwhelming. At Synergy, we can simplify this process for you with a targeted regimen from trusted physician skin care brand, Revision.

Why Choose Physician Skin Care?

There’s a big difference between the products you can buy at a beauty store and the ones sold only through licensed medical spas and dermatologist offices. Medical grade (also called physician or professional) skin care products are formulated by experts in the field and clinically proven to get results. These products contain higher potency ingredients and must pass rigorous testing. Unfortunately, products sold in drug and beauty stores aren’t as heavily regulated. Worse still, they often advertise results that haven’t actually been proven.

Revision – Skin Care That Actually Works

Revision is a leading innovator of award-winning, medical grade skin care products. They are a top choice for clients looking for an effective at-home routine. With Revision, we can easily treat common skin concerns with a comprehensive product line that works together seamlessly. In addition to the clinically proven results you’ll get from the products alone, they will also enhance the effects of your in-office skin care treatments. Whether it’s anti-aging, acne treatment, pigmentation, or sun protection, Revision offers the perfect formula for you.

We know that when we recommend Revision products, our clients will get the results they want. If you haven’t made the switch to physician skin care products, what is stopping you? Schedule your consultation with us today to get started.

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