Research shows that in the US, over 50 million men and women suffer from some type of hair loss. Conventional regrowth methods may be ineffective, leaving these people frustrated. But now, utilizing your own powerful growth and healing factors, Synergy can help you restore thinning and receding hair. A blood derived growth factor serum stimulates the regrowth of hair over the course of several sessions. Our patients have seen excellent results on the scalp. 

What Factors Contribute To Hair Loss?

People experience hair loss due to a variety of reasons like genetic, hormonal, medical, and environmental factors. However it’s most common to see hereditary hair loss. Contrary to popular belief, this affects both men and women. No matter the cause, hair loss can cause undue stress and a loss of confidence. Using the science of regenerative medicine, it is now possible to regrow hair with simple aesthetic procedures.

How Can A Blood Based Procedure Regrow Hair?

By concentrating your body’s own growth and healing agents and injecting them into the scalp, we are able to “wake up” those non productive hair follicles. This stimulates new growth resulting in thicker hair. Blood Derived Growth Factor sessions are simple, in office procedures. First, we will draw some blood and apply a numbing cream to the scalp. Then, we spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors from the rest of your blood. Small amounts of these growth factors are then injected into the sites of the hair loss. 

While treatments are quick, this process does take time. Hair only grows so fast! We advise anyone undergoing these procedures to commit to 4-6 sessions a month apart. Most patients see significant results in 3-6 months. Are you wondering hair restoration would benefit you? Book a consultation with us today to find out. Synergy’s expert providers will help you decide if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment.

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