Heading into the cooler weather, many people struggle with dry skin. Begin preparing your skin now to keep it hydrated and glowing all winter long. A HydraFacial is a great way to help your skin adapt to changing weather. This three step system cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes your skin- leaving it refreshed and better protected against the cold. 

HydraFacial Multi-Step Process

HydraFacial has exploded in popularity because it’s both effective and fast! In just 30 minutes, this impressive spa facial can transform your skin. The three-step process includes:

  • Cleansing – We start by cleaning your skin thoroughly and performing a light exfoliation with a combination glycolic and salicylic acid peel.
  • Extraction – Now that the skin has been prepped for extraction, we use gentle suction to remove dirt and debris from pores.
  • Nourishing – The last step is to infuse the skin with hydration, powerful skin health boosters, and optional serums to target specific issues.

The HydraFacial system is so fast, you can even schedule on on your lunch break! With virtually no downtime, it’s the perfect treatment to add to your regular routine. 

Customize HydraFacial To Meet Your Needs

Your skin is as unique as you are, which makes the customization aspect of HydraFacial so desirable. Our expert providers will assess your skin health and identify areas for improvement. Then, we can add supportive ingredients to your treatment to address these issues. These medical-grade ingredients tackle a wide variety of concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, poor skin texture and tone, and more. 

Soothe Dry Skin And Restore Your Glow

Instant gratification is pretty rare, but that’s exactly what HydraFacial offers our patients. Right after treatment, you’ll notice immediate results like plump, hydrated, glowing skin. The patented Vortex Fusion technology penetrates deep into the skin to deliver maximum hydration, unlike any other treatment. Book your HydraFacial today and see the difference for yourself!

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